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Free Shipping

Free Shipping

We offer free standard shipping for all U.S. orders (Shipping via USPS First Class mail to US addresses only). 

Exceptions include: Expedited shipping and International orders (additional charge).

1.  Plug in power cord and adjust timing dial to desired setting (a good starting point is 2 1/2).  For cut and seal (round element), adjust timer to the lowest setting that will seal and cut.

2.  Insert contents in bag.  Place open end of the bag on the sealing pad.

3.  To seal only, bring the sealing arm down (light pressure) on the bag and sealing pad.  Keep sealing arm down until the red light turns off, plus an additional 2-4 seconds to set the seal.

3a. Cut and seal operation.  While the sealing arm is depressed, tear the package away with your right hand.

4.  Example of sealed bag.  Cut and seal bags will not have bag material above the seal.

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