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Many folks have asked us how to change the heating wire and strip of their FoodSavers.  While not all FoodSavers are the same, we have come up with a basic instruction guide based on the FoodSaver V2040.  Please tailor our instructions accordingly based on your FoodSaver model.  You can also download the instruction sheet here.

Removing the Kit

1.  Remove the Lower Base.  Turn the sealer over and remove the eight screws holding the lower based and upper unit together.  (One screw is found where the power cord is located.)

2.  Remove the PTFE Adhesive (Sealing Strip).  Open the upper jaw of the vacuum sealer and gently peel the PTFE adhesive (sealing strip) from the heating element.  You may have to push some of the PTFE adhesive through from the lower base.

3.  Removing the Heating Element (Heating Wire).  Removing the heating element may be a bit tricky and requires some patience.  Using either your fingers or a pair of small pliers, pull the spring hook from the hole of the heating element.  When you release on end of the element from the spring hook, the other end will release easily.

Installing the New Kit

1.  Replacing the Heating Element.  Attach the new element to the spring hook and run the element along the upper base of the vacuum sealer.  Attach the other end of the element to the spring hook on the other side.

2.  Replacing the PTFE Adhesive.  Remove the backing on the adhesive.  Apply the adhesive over the element.

*A good rule of thumb is to replace the PTFE adhesive (sealing strip) every time you change the element.

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