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Free Shipping

Free Shipping

We offer free standard shipping for all U.S. orders (Shipping via USPS First Class mail to US addresses only). 

Exceptions include: Expedited shipping and International orders (additional charge).

We carry parts for a variety of sealers.  If you are having any issues with your sealer, please read our blog entry here.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.




Elements, PTFE (T-upper cloth and T-adhesives), and Replacement KitsElements, PTFE (T-upper cloth and T-adhesives), and Replacement Kits Heaters for Direct Heat Sealers
OTHER SPARE PARTSClick here for additional parts Microswitch Microswitch Also known as the trigger switch that is found on sealers. The microswitch is a small switch that when activated will allow the electrical circuit to complete, which in turn allows the sealing cycle to begin. You should be able to hear a "click" when the switch is activated (when the arm or jaw of sealer is brought down.) Mounting SpringMounting SpringConnects the heating element to the base of the sealer. Conducts electricity to the element. Heater Terminal AssemblyHeater Terminal Assembly
Silicone Rubber (Pressing Pad)Silicone Rubber (Pressing Pad) TimersTimers TransformersTransformers PC BoardsPC Boards

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